Austrian Airlines Shares


Stock Exchange listing: Vienna (IPO in 1988), Official trading/Prime Market
ÖKB-WKN: 062015
ISIN: AT0000620158
Last day of trading was 3 February 2010 due to the registration of the squeeze-out
with the commercial register on 4 February 2010.

Update: 09.02.2010

Shareholder Structure

Austrian Airlines shares were traded at Vienna stock exchange.
The last day of trading was 3 February 2010.

Capital stock:
EUR 100,000,000 / 10,000,000 no-par shares

Update: 22.06.2010

Privatisation Steps

1957 – 1988
The Republic of Austria owns 100% of the company. Nominal capital is increased from EUR 28,3 million to EUR 130,8 million in several steps.

June 1988
Austrian Airlines shares are listed at the Vienna Stock exchange; EUR 31,6 million of the capital are offered for public subscription at an issue price of EUR 152,6 ; Swissair takes over 3% of Austrian Airlines shares.

April 1989
Capital increase of EUR 29 million to EUR 160 million at an issue price of EUR 156,2. 37.9% of the company are now privately owned.

May 1989
All Nippon Airways takes over 3.5% of the capital;
Swissair increases its holding to 8%.

March 1990
The Supervisory Board approves a further capital increase of EUR 29 million to EUR 188,9 million. Swissair increases its stake to 10%, All Nippon Airways to 9%. Air France holds 1.5%. The issue price of the new shares is EUR 312,5. The stake of the Republic of Austria decreases to 51.9%.

May 1999
Capital increase of nominal value EUR 58,1 million to EUR 247 million. The issue price was fixed at EUR 27.70. All Nippon Airways sells its stake in Austrian Airlines to Austrian investors shortly before the capital increase. ÖIAG does not participate in the capital increase, thereby reducing the stake of the Republic of Austria to 39.7%. Hence, free float more than doubled to 30,6%.

February 2001
The free float increases from 30,6 % to 38.2 % due to one member leaving the  syndicate of Austrian institutional investors.

November/December 2006
A simplified capital reduction was implemented as a financial-technical measure on 8 November 2006 under sections 182 et seq. of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz) and as a result, the calculated notional amount per share of EUR 7.27 was reduced to EUR 3.00. By this measure the nominal share capital was reduced by EUR 145,180,000, from its previous figure of EUR 247,180,000 to EUR 102,000,000.
In the context of an ordinary capital increase on 1 December  2006, 51,680,000 new ordinary bearer shares (with no par value) were placed with a nominal of EUR 3.00 per share to an offer price of EUR 7.10 (issuing volume: EUR 366,928,000).

August/September 2008
Volume of the capital increase:
2,454,724 new unit shares made out in the name of holder (offer price EUR 7.10)
Emission volume: around EUR 17.4 million.

12 August 2008
The Austrian Government issues the privatization mandate for the Austrian Airlines Group.

13 August 2008
With announcements in the Austrian daily paper “Wiener Zeitung” and the European issue of the English paper “Financial Times”, Österreichische Industrieholding Aktiengesellschaft (ÖIAG) starts the tender process for selling its shareholding in Austrian Airlines.

3 December 2008
The Supervisory Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG approves a bid to purchase Austrian Airlines.

5 December 2008
The Supervisory Board of ÖIAG gives a green light to the sale to Lufthansa of ÖIAG´s share in Austrian Airlines.

27 February 2009
Deutsche Lufthansa AG announces takeover offer.

13 March 2009
Statement of the Austrian Airlines Management Board on Takeover Offer
The Management Board of Austrian Airlines AG recommends that the shareholders accept the Takeover Offer of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The Supervisory Board agrees with the statement of the Management Board on the Voluntary Public Takeover Offer.

7 April 2009
The syndicate partners announced today, that they have accepted the takeover bid of Lufthansa.

14 May 2009
Lufthansa offer accepted by over 85 per cent of the shareholders of Austrian Airlines AG.

28 August 2009
European Commission Approves Takeover
The European Commission today announced that it would be approving both the merger of Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa and restructuring aid of 500 million euros. This means there is no longer anything standing in the way of the takeover of Austrian Airlines by Lufthansa, or the conclusion of the transaction.

3 September 2009
Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Austrian Airlines AG and Österreichische Industrieholding AG (ÖIAG) today executed the successful take over of Austrian Airlines AG by Deutsche Lufthansa AG.  All conditions precedent of the transaction have been duly fulfilled. Austrian Airlines will therefore become part of the Lufthansa Group as of this month.

10 September 2009
Lufthansa will hold 95.4 per cent of Austrian Airlines shares (excluding those shares held by Austrian Airlines itself).
Takeover offer to free-float shareholders expired yesterday.
4 February 2010
Registration of the Squeeze-Out with the Commercial Register of the Vienna Commercial Court.
The shares of the minority shareholders are transferred to ÖLH Österreichische Luftverkehrs-Holding GmbH with effect as of 4 February.
Last day of trading in Austrian Airlines shares: 3 February 2010

Update: 09.02.2010