Austrian Airlines attracts top talents through a strong employer brand: “Creating Journeys Together”

  • Austrian Airlines emphasises individuality, flexibility, and an inclusive working environment with their new employer brand.
  • The Austrian home carrier, after challenging years, has successfully recovered, currently employing around 6,000 staff members, with approximately 650 new employment contracts signed in 2023 alone.
  • CEO Annette Mann: “A career at Austrian Airlines is a journey that employees can tailor and shape to meet their individual needs!”

Austrian Airlines places a clear focus on individuality, flexibility and an inclusive working environment, underscoring the significance of each individual within the complex dynamics of an airline. This approach is deeply embedded in the company’s culture and is now reflected in Austrian Airlines’ new employer brand. After challenging years, the Austrian home carrier has made a successful recovery, currently employing approximately 6,000 dedicated staff members. In 2023 alone, about 650 new employment contracts were signed, meaning that roughly one in nine employees are newcomers to the company.

The freshly developed employer brand of Austrian Airlines, created in collaboration with the strategy and design agency Manyone, is named “Creating Journeys Together.” It is based on insights gathered from interviews, focus groups, workshops, and discussions. Employees, applicants and leaders came together to develop ideas for creating an authentic and tangible brand identity, revealing the people behind the national airline. Austrian Airlines offers a warm and open community where everyone is welcome and can feel a sense of belonging.

Austrian Airlines CEO Annette Mann emphasizes, “A career at Austrian Airlines is a journey that employees can adapt and shape according to their individual needs. Since the end of the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve hired 1,200 new employees in just 18 months, which amounts to approximately 20% of our workforce. I believe this demonstrates that we are once again a highly attractive employer.”

Global Managing Partner of Manyone, Guido Woska, emphasises, “As a strategic design agency, we can never develop an employer brand in isolation; it works best through close collaboration with our clients because a new employer brand should always originate from an intrinsic drive. The Austrian Airlines team embraced this journey with great passion from day one, enabling us to create an employer brand that ideally reflects the culture, values, and future aspirations of Austrian Airlines. We are very proud of our joint accomplishment.”

Austrian Airlines’ Promise to its Employees

With their new employer value proposition, “We at Austrian Airlines are your gateway to the world. Move forward with us, grow with us,” Austrian Airlines primarily focuses on conveying their corporate values and individual growth opportunities. The love for travel is at the core of this positioning, which is centered on diversity and inspiration. Austrian Airlines is much more than just a workplace; it’s a warm community equally concerned with the well-being of its employees and guests, placing special emphasis on service and hospitality.

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