Fleet modernisation and growth: Austrian Airlines to fly with Boeing 787-9 ‘Dreamliner’

  • Austrian Airlines’ long-haul fleet will grow from nine to ten aircraft beginning of 2024
  • By 2028 Boeing 787-9 aircraft will modernise the entire long-haul fleet
  • The ‘Dreamliner’ will significantly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions
  • Innovative cabin concept enhances comfort for guests
  • CEO Annette Mann: „With the ‘Dreamliner’ Austrian Airlines is taking off to a new era of aircraft“

The arrival of ten Boeing 787-9 – an aircraft of the newest generation of technology – will spur the modernisation and growth of the Austrian Airlines long-haul fleet. The first ‘Dreamliner’ will be landing beginning 2024 in Vienna and will expand the flag carrier’s fleet to 66 aircraft already during the summer flight schedule 2024. Expected by 2028, nine additional Boeing 787-9 will replace the current long-haul jets of the 777 and 767 family. The ‘Dreamliner’ will be transferred gradually from Lufthansa Airlines respectively from existing orders of the Lufthansa Group. This will result in a significant rejuvenation of the Austrian Airlines’ fleet.

„With the ‘Dreamliner’ Austrian Airlines is taking off to a new era of aircraft and is setting course for growth. The fleet induction of ten Boeing 787-9 in the coming five years shows that we are fit for investments and the future”, says Austrian Airlines CEO Annette Mann.

Efficiency due to innovative technology

Thanks to innovative technology, less weight, good aerodynamics and modern jet engines the ‘Dreamliner’ is considered to be significantly more efficient than preceding models. With 2.5 liter fuel per passenger on a 100 kilometer air route, fuel consumption is reduced up to 20 percent when compared to a Boeing 767. Austrian Airlines COO Francesco Sciortino: „With Boeing 787-9 we are bringing one of the most innovative long-haul models on the market to Austrian Airlines. This is a team effort Austrian Airlines can be proud of.“

Flying with a view

„The ‘Dreamliner’ is living up to its name. We are happy that our guests will be able to enjoy the new travel comfort as of the expected maiden flight next summer”, says CCO Michael Trestl. On board, an innovative lighting system and ample overhead bins are awaiting our guests. The lighting system can be adjusted to the biorhythm according to day and night time and thus can reduce jet lag. Also the windows of this aircraft type are special – they are among the largest of all types in aircraft and enable passengers from the rows in the center to enjoy the view over the horizon. Passengers can dim the light according to their individual needs at the push of a button with shutters and still enjoy the view over the clouds.  

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