Austrian Airlines makes carbon-neutral flying possible

30 May 2022 / 024e

  • Three options for carbon-neutral flying directly in the booking process
  • Choice of sustainable aviation fuels, certified climate protection projects or a mix of both
  • CCO Michael Trestl: “We are the only Austrian airline using sustainable aviation fuel in flight operations to make carbon-neutral flying possible for our guests”

Austrian Airlines passengers can now fly carbon-neutrally with just one click at booking. Three options now offer the opportunity to reduce or offset the flight’s carbon emissions directly before completing a flight booking on For an immediate reduction in carbon emissions, passengers can support the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). A second variant is the compensation of carbon emissions via climate protection projects from Climate Austria. These promote measurable climate protection by saving emissions in the long term (e.g. investment in renewable energies). The third possibility is a combination of both options.

The three option at one glance:

100% climate protection projectsCombination100% SAF
The contribution to climate projects promotes renewable energies and thus saves carbon emissions in the long termThe mix combines the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and compensation via climate projectsThe use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) reduces carbon emissions directly

Examples for carbon-neutral flying (One Way):

 Vienna – VeniceVienna – FrankfurtVienna – Zagreb
100% climate protection projects1,38 EUR1,71 EUR1,09 EUR
80% climate protection projects 20% SAF9,72 EUR12,08 EUR7,68 EUR
100% SAF43,10 EUR53,55 EUR34,05 EUR

Austrian Airlines customers now have the option of immediately reducing the carbon emissions of their flight or offsetting them through climate protection projects. The options are available directly when booking in one payment process and simplify carbon-neutral flying significantly. In a further step, the option of carbon-neutral flying will also be available when booking via the Austrian app. Carbon-neutral flying will also be rewarded with additional status and award miles.

“By integrating the options for carbon-neutral flying into the booking process, it will be easier for our guests to contribute to sustainable travel and to discover the world in a carbon-neutral way. We are the only Austrian airline using sustainable aviation fuel in flight operations to make carbon-neutral flying possible for our guests,” says Austrian Airlines CCO Michael Trestl.

Austrian Airlines wants to halve its net carbon emissions by 2030 compared to 2019 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The flag carrier continuously optimizes flight operations and invests in fleet modernization and the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Austrian Airlines is the first Austrian airline to use SAF in flight operations, thus directly reducing carbon emissions. The Austrian Airlines’ parent company Lufthansa Group is the largest buyer of sustainable aviation fuels in Europe.

You can find all the information about the options for carbon-neutral flying when booking flights at

Reduce or compensate
With three different booking options, Austrian Airlines passengers now have the opportunity to fly carbon-neutral. Carbon emissions can either be reduced or offset.

Reduction with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)
The journey does not result in any additional fossil carbon emissions  
Customers can contribute to the use of SAF instead of fossil kerosene. The Lufthansa Group airlines use the appropriate amount of SAF to reduce 100% of carbon emissions.

Compensation via certified climate protection projects
Compensation of the carbon emissions generated on the journey over time  
With the compensation via climate projects, the carbon emissions of the trip are offset. With the support for climate projects, such as photovoltaic systems, the equal amount of carbon emissions is saved again.

Read more about Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

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