Austrian Airlines saves food: Start of test run for “Austrian Melangerie to go”

2 February 2022 / 006e

  • Austrian Airlines tackles food waste
  • Passengers can now save leftover food from disposal before landing in Vienna
  • Zero food waste initiative on board numerous flights from 2 February

For almost a year now, the “Austrian Melangerie” has been offering high-quality, regional food and drinks in Economy Class on all Austrian European flights. Despite the most exact prediction possible for the demand for fresh dishes on board, the demand cannot always be met exactly. All fresh products that are not consumed must be disposed of after the flight due to hygiene rules. In order to reduce this food waste, Austrian Airlines is now launching a zero food waste initiative on board with the “Austrian Melangerie to go” (AM2GO).

On 2 February, the flag carrier launches the “AM2GO” pilot project on longer European flights towards Austria. Shortly before landing in Vienna, passengers are offered fresh products from the range on board that have not been consumed up to that point as “Melangerie bags” at a discounted price. For a small contribution, depending on availability, one or two products will be handed out in a paper bag together with a wooden cutlery set. Passengers can thus enjoy the food saved from disposal at home after arrival in Vienna or as a refreshment for their onward journey.

The initiative aims to minimize food waste without reducing the variety of food on offer for passengers. The offer of “Melangerie bags” requires that there are still unsold fresh products on board the respective flight before landing in Vienna. The “AM2GO” pilot project will be continuously adapted and rolled out on other routes.

Details on the “Austrian Melangerie”, which builds on the use of regional, seasonal, ecological and fairly produced food, as well as the current menu can be found at

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