Red Stockings for a Good Cause


With immediate effect, people have the unique possibility to purchase the famous red stockings for women worn by the Austrian Airlines crews. For men, “Falke South Africa” has dyed socks in the original Austrian Airlines red color. Proceeds of the sale are designated for expanding the IThemba primary school in Cape Town, which is being supported by the help alliance, the aid organisation of the Lufthansa Group. Austrian Airlines decided to finance a symbolic “flying classroom” within the context of its launching flight operations linking Vienna and Cape Town. The stockings and socks can be bought online at Jetshop Austrian ( for EUR 13.30.

“We want to help close educational gaps through the sale of the red stockings and socks”, says Austrian Airlines CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech. Moreover, all Austrian Airlines wear red stockings or socks on September 30, 2019 as a sign of their donation culture. September 30th marks also the day on which Austrian Airlines was founded back in 1957.

Red stockings have been part of the Austrian Airlines uniform since 1995. Since then, this has triggered controversial discussions within and outside of the company. “Some hate them, many love them. However, because of the famous red stockings we are recognized from Tokyo to Los Angeles”, states Austrian Airlines flight attendant Nicola Gärner (photo), getting to the point of the matter. In any case, in an internal survey held in 2015, 70 percent of the employees were in favor of maintaining the airline’s red trademark. Each year about 16,000 pairs are ordered by the uniformed colleagues.

“Regardless of whether they are opaque or in a thin summer version, the stockings for me are a part of the uniform with cult status and have made history”, adds Nikola Frates (flight attendant, photo). “If you take a look at international fashion trends, you can also find women’s legs in red on the covers of well-known fashion magazines such as Vogue”, she concludes.

Naturally, direct donations without having to purchase the red stockings or socks are possible:

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