Austrian Airlines Presents New Boarding Pass


• Improved readability for passengers
• Optimized for digital applications
• Adapted to reflect the new Austrian Airlines branding

Austrian Airlines announced a modernization of its brand identity in the middle of 2018. The underlying objective was to make the Austrian Airlines brand fit for the future. In the meantime, the new brand is visible via the logo, aircraft livery and signage at the airports, and should be gradually extended to encompass all communication channels of the Austrian flag carrier. Now customers will also get their mobile boarding passes in the new design in the case of online check-in.

Austria’s home carrier has presented its mobile boarding pass, home printed boarding pass and App boarding pass and the related Apple Wallet version in the new brand design since May 16, 2019. Within the context of the relaunch project, all design elements were adapted to today’s needs in cooperation with the Viennese branding agency “brainds”, which is responsible for the new integrated brand presence of Austrian Airlines. The customer is at the heart of the changeover. For this reason, the new boarding pass stands out due to its clear structure and improved clarity and readability. Important information such as the boarding time, seat number and departure gate are now much larger and more visible to passengers. Now a passenger can identify in which travel class he or she travels by the color used on the approximately 500,000 mobile boarding passes issued each month. Economy and Premium Economy are red, whereas the color on the Business Class boarding pass is dark blue.

“In line with our philosophy, the design should support functionality and at the same time strengthen the presence of the Austrian Airlines brand. We left nothing to chance in the design, and particularly focused on clarity, usability and simplicity”, says Amir Aghamiri, Austrian Airlines Head of Brand Management & Uniform Services, in describing the priorities of the rebranding drive.

In the next step, the Austrian national airline plans to present its entire inflight entertainment as well as the WLAN portal “FlyNet” and the Jetshop Website, where one can buy branded merchandise from Austrian Airlines, in the new design.

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