With waltzes in the luggage through Europe: Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra takes over the patronage of an Austrian Airlines Embraer jet


• Since September 2017 the Boarding-Music comes from the Viennese Orchestra
• Embraer jet OE-LWO was named „Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester“

Wherever in the world passengers board an Austrian Airlines aircraft, they are greeted with the sounds of the Austrian “King of Waltz”, Johann Strauss II, and works by other Austrian composers. Since September 2017, the boarding and deboarding music of the entire Austrian fleet has been performed mostly by the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra. Austrian Airlines has had a close relationship with the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra, whose musical home is the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna, for over 20 years.

The orchestra has produced CDs especially for the Austrian home carrier, while Austrian Airlines has been flying the musicians to famous concert halls all over the world for decades. Since 2018, passengers can find songs from the Strauss specialists as well as the TV recording of the anniversary concert in 2016 in the airline’s inflight entertainment system on long-haul routes. With taking over the name patronage for the Embraer jet with the registration OE-LWO, the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra can now not only be heard in the cabin, but can also be seen with its name on the aircraft.

„Every year, more than three million Austrian Airlines passengers on the Embraer fleet alone are enjoying the boarding music of the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra. Now the ensemble is also visible at more than 90 European airports that we fly to with our Embraer jets on short- and medium-haul routes“, says Rudolf Buchsteiner, Austrian Airlines Embraer Fleet Chief.

“For over 20 years, we have been spreading the wonderful music of the Strauss family all over the world with the support of Austrian Airlines. From America to the Middle East to Japan, Austrian Airlines has always brought us safely to our destination. We are particularly pleased that we have been able to further consolidate this close partnership by taking over the patronage for an Embraer jet. The Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra would like to thank Austrian Airlines for this successful cooperation „made in Austria“, adds Prof. Walter Reitbauer, Chairman and Managing Director of the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra.

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