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Austrian Airlines Brings the ORF Light of Peace to Austria


• Flight OS 858 with the Light of Peace landed in Vienna yesterday evening
• ORF Light of Peace from Bethlehem as a cross-border symbol of peace in the Christmas season
• Transport from Tel Aviv to Vienna and in the USA

Yesterday evening Austrian Airlines brought the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) Light of Peace from Tel Aviv to Vienna on flight OS 858. The transport was accompanied by ORF Upper Austria representative Günther Hartl and Austrian Airlines security personnel Wolfgang Kerndler. The ORF Light of Peace from Bethlehem is considered to be a symbol which transcends borders and connects people in the Christmas season.

On November 28, 2015, Austrian Airlines will transport the Light of Peace to the USA, from which the US Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church will spread the light throughout the USA, Canada and South America. Austrian Airlines has been supporting its transport and thus the international dissemination of the Light of Peace since 1986.