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Austrian Airlines reinforces core markets and increases frequencies to Eastern Europe

Work Programme

• More flights east, as well as to London and Barcelona
• Reinforcement of Middle East by use of largest aircraft
• Flights to Tripoli resumed
• Improved connection between business locations of Klagenfurt
and Linz and Vienna

Austrian Airlines has taken the first concrete step in its corporate strategy, the 2012 Work Programme. “From the summer of 2012 onwards, we shall be sharply increasing flight frequencies to our core markets in Eastern Europe, and building up capacity to the Middle East in a trade-off with the destination of Mumbai,” said Austrian’s Executive Board member Andreas Bierwirth, summarising the key points of the new route network. Focussing on these core markets is also designed to contribute to increasing the revenues of Austrian Airlines over the long term.

The reworked route network in more detail:

• Reinforcement of Focus East and selected destinations in Western Europe
In Eastern Europe, Austrian Airlines will be increasing the number of flights it operates itself from Vienna to Bucharest from three to five a day this coming summer, and to Sofia from four to up to five a day. The number of flights operated to Belgrade was raised from three to up to four a day in the winter schedule. In Western Europe, Austrian Airlines will also be offering passengers one additional self-operated flight a day to London Heathrow from summer onwards, so the carrier will now be flying to the British capital four times a day.

In addition to this, the Austrian airline is building up its flight product to and from Barcelona by one flight a day. From 25th March 2012 onwards, an Austrian flight will be taking off for the Catalonian capital three times a day.

• Better connections between Austrian regions
Austrian Airlines is also to offer clients more flights within Austria: from 1st March onwards, an extra morning flight will be travelling between Klagenfurt and Vienna. This means Austrian will now fly up to five times a day between Carinthia and the national capital. The extra flight to and from Linz already introduced in the winter schedule will naturally remain in place in the summer schedule. This means Austrian Airlines will fly to and from Upper Austria up to four times a day. Connections to and from Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck, which are already extremely well developed, will continue to operate, as will the three flights a day the company operates to and from Altenrhein. This means the home carrier of Austrian businesses offers the optimal connections to and from the Vienna hub, and from there to around 130 destinations worldwide.

• Mumbai aircraft to be used in Middle East from summer onwards
From the summer schedule, Austrian Airlines will be stopping its operations to and from Mumbai. In future, the long-haul aircraft previously used on this route, a Boeing 767, will be deployed on flights to and from Tel Aviv and to Tehran. Austrian Airlines continues to fly six times a week to New Delhi.

• Tripoli back in flight schedule
From the summer schedule onwards, Austrian Airlines will be relaunching its flights to Libya, flying five times a week to and from Tripoli. Austrian was temporarily forced to stop flying to and from Libya in February 2011 due to political unrest in the country.

• Three times a day to Stockholm
From the summer onwards, Austrian Airlines will be operating three flights a day to Stockholm, one flight fewer than before. The evening flight will no longer be offered.

Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines is Austria’s largest carrier and operates a global route network of round 130 destinations. In Central and Eastern Europe, the route network is particularly dense: With 46 destinations Austrian Airlines is the market leader throughout the region. Thanks to its favourable geographical location at the heart of Europe, the company’s hub at Vienna International Airport is the ideal gateway between East and West. Austrian Airlines is part of the Lufthansa Group, Europe’s largest airline group, and a member of the Star Alliance, the first global alliance of international airlines.

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