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Österreich Werbung

Austria is a popular destination for guests from around the world.

In an effort to promote tourist business arriving in Austria by air, Austrian Airlines cooperates closely with Österreich Werbung and the country’s regional tourist organisations.

The latest example of the expanded cooperation of the Austrian Airlines Group with a regional tourist organisation of Österreich Werbung – Wien Tourismus (‘Vienna Tourism’) – is a joint advertising campaign in seven countries during summer/autumn 2003, countries which together account for almost 40 % of tourist nights spent in Vienna.

More specifically, the publicity involves a series of campaigns in high-circulation, reputable daily newspapers and magazines in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Russia, Greece and Japan.

The ads are designed to provide a ‘brief taste of Vienna’, and to emphasise the concept that ‘Austrian hospitality begins on board’. Currently, the campaign is running in four states. Using 23 different media and 35 advertising agencies, ads have been placed in approximately 17 million copies of newspapers to date.