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Embraer 195

360 degree view of the Austrian Airlines Embraer 195
Seat Plan Embraer 195 Open Seatplan

Seatmap Embraer 195

Type of aircraft Narrow-body passenger aircraft
Manufacturer EMBRAER - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A., São José dos Campos, Brazil
Names - Austrian Airlines painting OE-LWA, OE-LWB, OE-LWC, OE-LWD (Central Europe), OE-LWE, OE-LWF, OE-LWG, OE-LWH, OE-LWI, OE-LWJ, OE-LWK, OE-LWL (City of Prague), OE-LWM, OE-LWN, OE-LWO (Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester), OE-LWP, OE-LWQ (Silent Night)
Number of aircraft 17
Seating capacity Total: 120
Min. legroom Economy: 29" (73.6 cm)
Wing span 28.7 m
Length 38.7 m
Height 10.6 m
Max. cruising speed 835 km/h
Max. cruising altitude 12,500 m
Type of engine 2x General Electric CF34-10E
Max. thrust 2 x 18,500 lbs
Fuel capacity
Max. range full payload 2,140 km
Max. payload
Max. take-off weight 50,800 kg
Max. landing weight 45,000 kg