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Traffic Results for May 2014: More than One Million Traffic Results for May 2014: More than One Million

Traffic Results

• May 2014: capacity utilization up by 2.8 percentage points
• January – May 2014: 1.8 percentage point rise in capacity utilization

The Austrian Airlines Group carried more than one million passengers in the month of May 2014, corresponding to a rise of 4.2 percent from the prior-year level. This increase can be particularly attributed to the strong growth of passenger volume on flights to North America. Capacity was increased by 4.1 percent. Revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) were up by 7.9 percent. As a result, capacity utilization (passenger load factor) improved by 2.8 percentage points from the previous year to 78.2 percent.

In the period January to May 2014, Austrian Airlines carried approximately 4.3 million passengers, corresponding to an increase of 1.6 percent year-on-year. The offering measured in available seat kilometers (ASK) was raised by 3.4 percent. Revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) rose by 5.8 percent. As a consequence, capacity utilization of the flights in the first five months of 2014 was up by 1.8 percentage points to 76.6 percent.

“The increase in the number of passengers flying with Austrian Airlines shows that what we offer on the market is precisely what is in demand“, says Karsten Benz, Chief Commercial Officer of Austrian Airlines. “Particularly business on North American routes still develops favorably. The advance bookings for Newark, which we will add to our route network as of July 2, 2014, have also started off well”.

In May 2014, Austrian Airlines carried about 897,100 passengers in Europe, comprising an increase of 2.9 percent from the previous year. The passenger load factor was raised by 1.5 percentage points to 77.2 percent.

In the period January to May 2014, more than 3.6 million passengers flew with Austrian Airlines in Europe. This represents a rise of 0.7 percent compared to the prior-year level. The passenger load factor was up by 0.6 percentage points to 73.9 percent.

In May 2014, Austrian Airlines carried a total of about 147,700 passengers on its intercontinental flights or 12.2 percent more passengers than in May of 2013. The passenger load factor rose by 4.0 percentage points to 79.2 percent.

In the period January to May 2014, more than 655,600 passengers were carried on intercontinental flights operated by Austrian Airlines. This represents a rise of 6.9 percent year-on-year. The passenger load factor was up by 2.7 percentage points to 79.1 percent.

Traffic statistics in detail

Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines is Austria’s largest carrier and operates a global route network of round 130 destinations. That route network is particularly dense in Central and Eastern Europe with 41 destinations. Thanks to its favourable geographical location at the heart of Europe, the company’s hub at Vienna International Airport is the ideal gateway between East and West. Austrian Airlines is part of the Lufthansa Group, Europe’s largest airline group, and a member of the Star Alliance, the first global alliance of international airlines. The flight operations of the Austrian Airlines Group has been bundled at its 100% subsidiary Tyrolean Airways since 1st July, 2012.

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