CO2 offsetting

By using the services of Climate Austria our passengers can neutralise the volume of CO2 produced by their flight (calculated per person) on the Austrian booking homepage! With Climate Austria, a dedicated Austrian offer for CO2 offsetting is available since 2008.

Compensate CO2-Emissions with Climate Austria
Austrian Airlines supports the Austrian climate protection initiative, ‘Climate Austria’. This initiative enables our passengers to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced by their flight at the same time as paying for their ticket. Whenever a passenger purchases a ticket at the Austrian website, the CO2 emissions of the flight in the question and financial contribution needed to compensate for these are calculated automatically. Austrian Airlines and Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) have developed their own CO2 calculator to enable them to do this. The calculations are based on our current kerosene consumption figures and the average load factors of our destinations. Climate Austria supports national and international climate protection projects for CO2 reduction. Our passengers can also make a financial contribution towards doing this, and thereby compensate for the share of CO2 produced by their flight. Contributions towards CO2 compensation by passengers are on a voluntary basis, of course. National climate protection projects meet the standards of domestic environmental support set by the Austrian Environment Ministry. International climate protection projects are subject to UN-approved Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) standards, and contribute to long-term development in developing countries.  

If you would like to read more about Climate Austria, visit their website